Kumex OÜ offers its customers the processing of all materials for sale. We perform cutting, milling and turning of products with special shapes according to the customer wishes.

We also help customers with technical consultation and product design.

CNC plastic processing

Milling is mainly used for processing plastics, but if necessary, we can also mill rubbers. Milling is a good alternative to molded products, as it allows you to produce smaller batches without having to buy an expensive mold. In addition, this production method is significantly faster. Suitable for small, medium and large batches.

Maximum size of part:2000×3000 mm (as a special solution, we can also offer longer details)
Material thickness:up to 250 mm


In addition to milling, we also offer turning of plastics.

Water cutting

We use water cutting to cut thicker materials, which other cutting methods do not allow. Suitable for small, medium and large batches.

We cut materials with a machine specially adapted for cutting polymers. Thus, the detail is not in the water as in the case of cutting metals and stones. This ensures better quality of the cut product and faster cutting time. A special cutting board allows you to cut even tiny details.

Maximum size of part:3100×4100 mm​
Number of cutting heads:4
Maximum Z-axis travel:200mm (height)
Maximum Z-axis travel:0,08-0,35 mm


Laser cutting

The advantage of laser cutting over other CNC machining is the high cutting speed when there is no need for post-machining. Due to this, laser cutting is a very economical production method. However, laser cutting can only cut some plastics.

CNC cutting of rubber

The CNC knife is a clean, fast and efficient processing method that allows the production of small, medium and large batches. It is a machine specially designed for cutting seals, with which we manufacture most of the seals we offer. Suitable for production of both larger and very small seals.

Size of the workpiece to be cut:1250×2450 mm
Cutting speed:up to 800 mm/s
Maximum material thickness:22 mm


We also offer stamping of rubber parts.


We offer sawing of all plastics we sell. Sawing is a quick solution for smaller plastic sheets, but also for production of larger batches of special size sheets.


We are experts in our field. If something remains unclear or requires clarification, please contact us!