Porous seals

The range of porous seals we manufacture for industry is very wide. That is why we have developed our production processes so that we can offer products with prompt delivery, high quality and optimal prices. We manufacture seals according to drawings, samples, assembly drawings and, if necessary, design the right seal ourselves.

We offer expanded rubber seals in different thicknesses, from 1 mm to 50 mm (depending on the material, the availability of thicknesses varies). We can also offer porous seals with or without glue (double-sided tape on one or both sides of the seal). In addition, it is possible to glue different thicknesses and shapes together to achieve the required seal shape.


  • Sound insulation seals
  • Dust barrier seals
  • Water barrier seals
  • Softeners
  • General seals
  • Relievers (for bump, impact)

Porous profile seals

We offer a wide range of different porous profile seals. We can produce profile seals in different sizes and shapes according to the customer wishes.

Porous rubber cords

We offer a wide range of porous rubber cords of different sizes. Rubber cords are used, for example, to insulate vacuum table sections.


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